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Law Firm Marketing Strategy: 5 Solid Tactics for 2023

Millions of law firms, especially smaller ones around the world, have stated that they do not have the resources or capacity to do marketing. Most of their focus is put on the running and operational side of the business, with marketing taking a back seat. In fact, most law firms and attorneys rely on word of mouth to bolster their client base. 

However, in this day and age, law firm marketing is not only necessary but is also highly achievable in today’s competitive landscape. The age of digital marketing has allowed businesses to market to their direct audience cost-effectively and easily. So, how would you be able to achieve this? We took a look at a few simple ways to start marketing your law firm today and to start expanding your client base.

Hire Professionals for the Technical Work 

As much as you can do a lot of the marketing by yourself, the fact of the matter is that in certain cases, you will need to outsource some of the marketing. There are numerous aspects of digital marketing that require professional experts to assist with, from things like SEO and social campaigns to email marketing, Google Ads, and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. 

Although some social media and email marketing can be managed internally, digital marketing as a whole can be resource intensive. You will find that you will get more reach and have more conversions and clients coming in if you allocate some budget to a professional marketing team. So, do some research into these experts. We highly recommend spending money on a PPC agency as well as experts in the SEO content sector.

Focus on the Content You are Getting Out 

As a law firm, you will need totally different content and marketing from most other industries. While retail and eCommerce can really experiment with their content, your audience will be requiring a certain type of content. You will be most successful with content that is highly educational and informative. You will want to convert your audience to paying clients with content that they can learn from and trust you as an authority figure in the field. 

Take immigration lawyer marketing, for example. Provide blogs, videos and short-form content with useful information that the clients can use themselves. The fact of the matter is that they will not be able to travel the legal waters on their own and gather the correct immigration documents, but because you have given useful breakdowns, guidelines and how-tos, they will have a better idea of what they are facing when they enter the country. They will also see you as an authority figure in the field. 

law firm marketing

Make Use of Various Channels 

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is only using one channel when doing their marketing. This will keep your audience and your reach limited. You will rather need to have the combination of the following:

  • An email platform with regular emails; 
  • Social platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn; 
  • A blog section on your website; 
  • Paid ads;
  • Affiliate marketing channels.

Although this might seem like a lot, if you plan and create it correctly, content can be somewhat duplicated and shared over each channel in a different format. 

So, write a press release to send to various media and marketing. Convert that to a blog and then use that as your content for your email. You can then cut up various parts of the blog as useful posts for your social channels and paid ads. With this, you are able to reach a multitude of people on different platforms. To truly maximize your content’s reach and impact, consider incorporating a rich media ad into your marketing strategy. By creating high-quality visuals and interactive elements, you can capture the attention of your target audience and drive engagement across various channels. For instance, you can repurpose a press release as a video ad, and then create short clips from the video to share on social media. This not only allows you to use the same content in different formats but also ensures consistency across all channels. With the right approach, rich media ads can help you expand your reach and achieve your marketing goals.

Pay Attention to Your Website 

Your website is your sales point, your calling card, and your marketing tool. You will be able to not only list all of your services, but use this as a great marketing platform for your business. You will want to make sure that your site is simple, effective, and contains the right content to provide your audience with all of the information they need. So, pay attention to the layout of your site and what appears at first glance on your home page. 

We mentioned earlier that your site should have a blog section. This is critical, as it will help you build up the keywords on your site to improve your SEO. Each of your pages; Home, About Us, and Services, will need to be keyword rich. But, it is your blog that will really make sure that your site starts ranking for the valuable content that your clients are looking for. 

Measure, Monitor and Test Everything 

This might seem a bit resource intensive, but, if you are putting resources into your marketing, you might as well keep an eye on those metrics. You are able to monitor how well your posts performed, and see how many opens your latest email got. You are also able to monitor how much traffic your site is getting with Google Analytics

With this information, you are able to have an insight into what your clients respond to and what is working in your marketing, and what isn’t. If some posts get a higher click-through rate or convert more clients, you can somewhat duplicate that type of campaign for the next one to be successful. 

The Bottom Line 

Marketing, especially digital marketing really is a case of experimenting and trying out new things. Fortunately, if you figure out what your target audience needs to know and read, you will be able to market your firm to the right people and get them to hire you and trust you to represent them. Just make sure that you have a budget for marketing, social posts and Google Ads in order to get the best results. 

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