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Meet Jonny Schulz – Keep It Simple & Surprise Yourself

Our team decided to interview the most intrigue creators on good design and test their works with the Attention Insight platform. It predicts how user’s attention distributes in design. We hope, these short talks will inspire you and give some useful insights on catchy design. Enjoy!

We are glad to introduce you to a multitalented designer & illustrator Jonny Schulz based in Cologne.

Selfportrait by Jonny Schulz
Selfportrait by Jonny Schulz

Why have you decided to step into design field? What inspires you and why? 

I’ve been drawing since kindergarten. A pen and paper have been the easiest way for my parents to keep me busy for a long time. One thing led to another, and in school I was very interested in how colours and shapes touch you. Which led me to study design, where I focused on Corporate Design, Branding and Illustration.

An accident, or let’s call it an opportunity, is a good source of inspiration. Also, there are so many inspiring designers and illustrators out there.

Jonny Schulz landing design
heatmaps of Jonny Schulz landing design

How do you measure the success of your design? 

  • Has the problem been solved?
  • How is the design accepted by the user?
  • And how does the design stand out in the market?

These questions can often only be answered after some time.

What is your biggest challenge in design creation process?

Finding the perfect colors.

Jonny Schulz landing design
heatmaps of Jonny Schulz landing design

What principles do you follow when creating attention grabbing design? 

  • Think before you do stuff.
  • Keep it simple, and surprise myself.
  • In the end, everything turns around the right gut-feeling. Without a good concept, it’s gonna be hard to find. So you have to dig deep and work hard to find it.

Get inspired by Jonny’s works:

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