Impressions & Key Takeaways from Business Accelerator Program Organized by MITA in Boston

On the 2nd – 8th of December, Kamile Jokubaite, a founder of AI powered design analytics platform Attention Insight, attended a first business accelerator program organized by MITA (Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology) in Boston, United States. The program was organized in a collaboration with consulting company “MassGlobal Partners” and aimed to attract innovative ventures from Lithuania, interested in business development and networking opportunities in US. 8 innovative companies out of 56 applications were selected based on the following criteria: product innovativeness and viability, company’s experience and ability to develop a product, and a demand for a product in international markets.

The week of accelerator program started at one of Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) buildings, where inspiring entrepreneurs from different industries ranging from medicine, technology and lasers to gaming analytics and AI systems, gathered to present their innovations and seek for an advice from industry professionals. The experts from Boston ecosystem were listening to companies’ pitch presentations and later giving valuable tips on how to kick-off business in US, as well as shared their experience and knowledge of the market

A first day ended with a networking event held in Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), where local crowd of entrepreneurs, investors and scientists mingled together. There were lots of innovative devices and systems that could have been tested out. “I had a chance to test a smart balancing system (ABILI), which allowed me to understand the status of my balance and instantly gave me a hint of how it could be truly improved. It was both entertaining and revealing!” – shared her excitement Kamile. The smart balancing device is aiming to change how sports medicine and physical therapy work by providing smart monitoring system that collects all your data live.

The rest of the week was filled with meetings and discussions with potential partners and clients. Kamile, a CEO of AI powered design analytics platform, shared that “with Attention Insight team we had a clear goal from the very beginning – to connect with digital communication agencies from Greater Boston Area. Since our aim is to change how design decisions are made, we created a platform that enables marketers to see design through users’ eyes (a technology based on AI and previous eye-tracking studies), optimize their websites for better ROI and most importantly for agencies – improve communication with a client when it comes to project design approval.”

Although we can’t reveal all the details of how “Attention Insight” meetings went, the team is excited about the connections made and look forward to work with digital communication agencies in US.

Key takeaways and benefits of being a part of Boston business ecosystem by Kamile:

  1. Network importance

In US networking plays a vital role in any business development and is strongly pursued by local businesses. People are opened to connect, share their knowledge and experience, and if your product spikes their interest, they are more than happy to connect you with the right people. For example, “After first day, I was organizing meetings on the go with professors from prestigious universities, most of them being TED level speakers!” – shares Kamile.

  1. Speed

Speed is essential for any business success these days. In US if you connect with a person and agree to follow up with more information, as a rule of thumb it usually happens the same day or within 24 hours.

  1. Provide value

Providing value is the key in making any business in United States. Whether you meet a prospective client or an inspiring entrepreneur, try to find a way to solve their problem, connect them with a right person or just help them in brainstorming their next marketing step and you will see how the doors open up to new business opportunities.

  1. Embrace the science.

Boston is home of Harvard and MIT graduates, therefore be prepared to meet brilliant minds and have deep philosophical discussions about universe and the meaning of life. People are very open-minded and have a broad view on various subjects so just relax and embrace new experience.

A special thanks to MITA and its partners

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to MITA for bringing our delegation to Boston, “MassGlobal Partner’s” and CIC for hosting us, organizing amazing sessions with mentors and experts.

I would also like to thank David Cutler for connecting me with Boston agencies and last but not least for my ex-teammates, brilliant engineers – Marius and Justinas for making me feel like at home.

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