How to Create a Successful Website for a Photographer

How to Create a Successful Website for a Photographer

A photographer’s site can become a successful launching pad, a showcase for business. Photos placed on the site will attract visitors, and the photograph will become famous. At least popular, and this, in turn, will increase the number of customers. After all, some visitors will become customers or recommend them to friends. And so there are all the new, exciting and profitable projects.

If you don’t have your own site, you as a photographer are known to a narrow circle of people. However, a place opens up limitless possibilities for you. With proper positioning and SEO optimization, your work can be seen by potential customers in a vast territory.

With what to start to build a photography website?


The first thing people should see on your site is showing your level and declaring your favorite subject. After that, the bounce rate will depend on how much you can get the visitor interested. Large images, a slider gallery, a photo as a background, and color contrast are great for attracting attention.

Don’t forget your first and last name (or company name) and logo (if you have one) – you should put them in the header. Also, indicate your specialty. You can set up a phone number in the upper left corner of the title. This way, your contact information will be available on every page.

Preparing the content

An essential part of creating a photo website – is quality content creation. Select the photos on your site, put them in a separate folder. Ideally, reduce the size to 1680px on the larger side. That way, the images will retain good quality but won’t slow down the site’s loading.

How to write text for the site. If you write the text yourself, use these tips:

  1. Write a short text about yourself. It should be a single phrase that succinctly formulates what you specialize in.
  2. Write a little more lengthy text. Explain what makes you unique.
  3. Describe the benefits. Tell what your customers get when they come to you, give details.
  4. Think about headlines. People are often too lazy to read solid text, and headlines are effortless to read, so write the gist in your headlines.
  5. Take testimonials. Ask your clients to say a few words about you.

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The main section is your portfolio. That’s where a person decides whether to call. The principles by which it should be built: subject and easy navigation.

The portfolio should be divided into areas of activity or types of photography. For example, by the kinds of services that can be ordered or by the genres of photography. Then, choose five or seven of the best photos that showcase your professionalism.

Page “About Me”

Taking pictures is a process that depends on two people – the model and the photog. The photog needs to be personable for the photos to come out alive.

By telling more about yourself, you will win the favor of potential customers and increase sales. Maybe it’s your personal story that will convince someone to trust you and book a shoot.

Price list

To save time, add a section with prices for essential services. Include as much additional information as possible. For example, what props and programs do you use to process your photos. Also, write how many images and what level of processing is included in the service package.

Booking system

Set up a booking system on your site, similar to the one offered by Baluu, for your convenience so the client can reserve a day and time for the shoot. You can also set up a feedback form, live chat, and a call-back widget. The site must work steadily. For this, you need good hosting.

SEO for the site

When you finish working on the content, you will need to deliver information about the site’s appearance to search engines engaged in SEO. Decide on the keywords, write the titles and page descriptions, add descriptions of the photos. The so-called Alt-texts, so search engines understand what is shown in the picture. And at the end, confirm the rights to the site.

Don’t forget to update your site’s content from time to time: both search engines and your visitors will like it.

The easy way to get there

Sometimes there’s no time to think about the process of creating a site. So exit – take a ready-made template and make it a site in a few days.

The advantage of making a photography website based on templates is that they are built with web design principles and objectives. Everything that should be on a photo site, there will be. A good builder will allow you to edit or change any element. No one knows better than you how to present your photos in the best way, so decide for yourself.


Website photography isn’t just a platform to showcase your work. It’s a home for your brand and business. It’s a place to write about your experience as an artist and talk about the underlying ideas and processes behind your work. As a result, sites for photogs have become the universal link between professionals, their work, and potential clients.

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