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3 Home Businesses Where You Don’t Do Any of The Work

It is a dream come true for many, but yes, there are home businesses that you can start that will take you next to no time to set up and where you will only have to do maintenance rather than the actual work required to get the money in.

Some of these home businesses will require a little bit of knowledge on your behalf. In contrast, others will require patience for the new business to grow.

#1 White-label SEO

There is most definitely a market for white-label SEO. White label, in general, is where you can set yourself up as a brand and have a manufacturer or, in this case, a service provider such as Click Intelligence provide the goods for you using your brand name.

For this business type to work well, all you must do is set up a website and sell the products or services. Of course, this is the business in its very simple forms as you will also have to invest in marketing strategies, amongst other things (which you can pay someone else to perform on your behalf).


#2 Dropship selling

Dropship selling can be run alongside the white-label business (if you are offering products rather than services). Dropshipping is where you list a range of products from a supplier. When customers ‘buy’ from you, only then do you buy from the supplier and have them ship it directly to the customer.

This can take all the hassle out of storage, packing, and posting. Of course, for this business, you are going to have to list the items for sale on either your website or sales platform, like eBay or Amazon, and forward any orders to the company that is providing you with their drop shipping services. In this, you will not get the full amount that you have sold the items, just the profit after you have paid the supplier.

drop shipping

#3 Affiliate marketing

Being an Affiliate is similar, but at the same time, very different. Affiliate marketers have a contract with a business to advertise their items. You will need a website to post articles on and then place relevant adverts around or throughout the text. The whole idea of this is to get people to click on the adverts, and you get paid if they make a sale.

So, with this in mind, you will want to write posts that are highly relevant to the adverts or vice versa. The more attention you can get for the adverts  – the more you will get paid. Of course, some companies pay more than others, which is generally down to whether their product is high-end or not. For instance, plastic surgery or cruises will pay you more than stationery items.

content marketing

So to wrap up home businesses

As you can see, there are a few sample home businesses that will not require you to do any of the hard work but will have you earning money. Some, such as affiliate marketing, may take a while to gather momentum. In contrast, dropshipping and white-label goods and services could see you earning sooner, depending on how much money you want to invest in the promotion of your goods and your website.

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