20 Amazing Ecommerce Website Design Examples to Stand Out in 2023

If you want to develop your business, it is paramount to stay in the loop of industry trends and keep tabs on your competitors. The first thing to consider is how they maintain their online presence and what website design solutions yield the best results.

Once you understand what potential clients like in the site layout, you can incorporate similar elements into your platforms. We have selected the top eCommerce website design templates that have stroked a chord in large audiences and can be used as an inspiration for your own projects.

Zulu Longines

zulu longines ecommerce website design examples

Longines is a famed watchmaker with an interesting brand history. Their eCommerce site design highlights the durability and terrific features of their watches by depicting how they were used by aviation pioneers in the most challenging conditions.

The core concept of their design is that such watches can serve you reliably both in everyday life and more extreme situations.

The website has an interactive timeline slider. It was a very cool decision to add this element to the site because visitors can easily see how the company emerged and how it developed over time. Another interesting feature is scroll-triggered animated videos. These are mainly planes and a world map that appear on the page when people scroll up and down.

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hebe ecommerce website design examples

Hebe opted for an eCommerce web design that is based on its photography. Their platform is replete with high-quality images, edited by such professional companies as FixThePhoto. 

In general, the visual filling of a site is very important and Hebe fully understands that. The color scheme of the platform is balanced with minimum distractions so that visitors can fully concentrate on products.

All photos on the site share the same styling and people will hardly confuse them with other brands. Besides, the team uses a thicker font in order to boost readability and highlight unique aesthetics. 

Probably, the handiest feature of the website is a navigation bar. With it, customers have to spend just a couple of seconds to find the needed product. Such an approach to navigation has a very positive effect on conversion rates.


bliss ecommerce website design examples

Bliss is a reputable manufacturer of skincare products, including cleansers, toners, serums, face masks, and more. Their website immediately attracts attention with its fresh design that is still very easy on the eyes. The main colors are muted blue, violet, and orange – each used for a separate section. 

When opening this site, you are immersed in the mixture of beautiful colors that has a mood-boosting effect. Besides, these guys took special care of the information layout with all main categories located at the top of the main page. 

Thus, you can see available products and offers from the get-go. The photos on the homepage are big and perfectly fit a site design.


allbirds ecommerce website design examples

Allbirds is an eco-conscious apparel brand that prioritizes sustainability, comfort, and ease of combination of different pieces. Their website contains numerous product and lifestyle photos edited in professional photography editing software that are aimed at showing customers how great their clothes and footwear are for different situations. The main page is well designed with the story of the brand and their product categories arranged in a convenient way. 

This is one of the most customer-oriented eCommerce website designs where all details about a product are visible straight away. For instance, by hovering over an item, you can see its core features and materials, as well as zoom on close-up photos and even watch videos to visuality a product as accurately as possible. There are also action buttons for instant shopping. 

In addition to product descriptions, you can read honest user reviews to make an informed choice.

Bon Bon Bon

bon bon bon ecommerce website design examples

Selling chocolate online is also possible in an interesting and even fun way. Bon Bon Bon fully proves this theory with its fantastic site design. The colors complement each other without tiring visitors’ eyes. Every section of the site is well-thought-out and easy to interact with. 

Getting to the product categories is also a breeze. You can choose the product category from the main navigation menu and sieve through the offers by different parameters be it price, taste, etc. Their website design is creative and eye-pleasing without going overboard with flashy colors. 

Dick Moby 

dick moby ecommerce website design examples

Dick Moby sells different types of glasses. They share an eco-friendly philosophy, which is fully reviled in their eCommerce web design. They’ve chosen green and white colors for the website for 2 main reasons – to highlight eco-friendliness and minimize possible distractions.

People really appreciate it when a company has defined beliefs and circles all its marketing campaigns around it. While muted colors serve as a great background for advertising products, fun patterns on the home page add diversity to the styling. 

Simply Chocolate 

simply chocolate ecommerce website design examples

This Copenhagen-based chocolate company has definitely gone the extra mile when designing a website but the result is worth all the effort. Instead of cramming all their products into one section, they described each chocolate type separately and make bars appear on the screen during scrolling. 

When a new chocolate type emerges in the center of the page, the color theme is automatically changed. Besides, every product has a fun name. Flicking through chocolate bars is very entertaining thanks to an interactive scroller.

However, the true highlight of this website is the off-kilter navigation menu. It has a sideways layout, which in combination with other cool perks, spikes interest in buyers and encourages them to make a purchase. 


ambsn ecommerce website design examples

This is a Californian brand that is known for its high-quality beachwear. To present the assortment of clothes in a captivating manner, the company chose vibrant colors that immediately make people think about the sun, sand, and water. All shorts, T-shirts, and other items in the catalog also have bright colors and patterns to match the major concept. 

The background is less hectic not to distract people from offers. Navigation is intuitive with all products being divided into categories. The designers stuck to a grid display format to simplify the selection and buying processes. 

Black Star Pastry 

black star pastry ecommerce website design examples

Black Star Pastry’s online store has a terrific sample of eCommerce website designs when fun and childish elements can help build a rapport with clients of all ages very quickly. Most objects have rounded colors and every menu category is accompanied by a simple illustration. 

The Locations and About pages have draggable items, which make the whole experience of interacting with a site even more enjoyable. 

Instead of a cut-and-dried navigation bar and a grid, the company created an online store with a slew of cards that function as a menu. To move from one card to the other, users can drag & drop the cursor or click the arrows at the bottom of the page.

The Scott Resort & Spa 

the scott resort spaecommerce website design examples

If you own an online store for an accommodation business and aspire to make it more profitable, you can check out The Scott Resort & Spa’s eCommerce website to discern how to present your goods and services on the web. 

This Arizona-based hotel designed a website with a tropical holiday vibe and earthy tones. They embellished the site with beautiful imagery, including full-width galleries and engaging videos. 

When people click on the menu, there appears a full-screen page with links for various packages and offers. This is an interesting move in terms of navigation and it is highly praised by many clients. 

Moreover, the website has a progress indicator in the upper part of the reservation page. The site is built on WordPress, so customers can effortlessly review bookings and choose from several payment options.

Beats By Dre 

beats by dre ecommerce website design examples

Beats By Dre has a sleek eCommerce web design with a special focus on crisp and detailed product photos. All items are neatly organized on the platform, so even first-time visitors can quickly locate the desired item and proceed with purchases. 

Though most brands steer clear of bright red, especially for eCommerce websites, Beats By Dre has proven that such color can also look great when used in moderation. Their site has a beautiful red background and white text that immediately catches viewers’ gaze.

Pitch Tents 

pitch tents ecommerce website design examples

Pitch Tents is a London brand, engaged in providing a luxurious campaign experience across the country. They decided to build a WordPress-based website to have the possibility to customize the design in a fast manner. Their platform abounds with eye-pleasing photos from different places to help visitors get a sense of adventure and traveling. 

The site has a singular booking page with all basic constituents of the checkout process such as chosen package, contact info, etc. They decided to minimize the number of pages and clicks to streamline the entire process of interacting with the site.

Bohemian Traders 

bohemian traders ecommerce website design examples

Those curious about offbeat clothing eCommerce website design examples, should have a look at Bohemian Traders’ platform. These guys have invested in photography and filled their site with detailed images of garments for people to inspect them from all imaginable angles and clearly envisage themselves wearing a particular clothing piece. 

Their website one-ups similar e-stores because it features lifestyle pictures instead of staged ones.

Such a storytelling method is immensely popular nowadays and can lead to sale growth when properly combined with other branding materials. Bohemian Traders has a long list of products but finding the needed item is easy thanks to a logical categorization. Besides, there is a CTA button visible on every page.


poketo ecommerce website design examples

You shouldn’t be afraid of bright colors when working on eCommerce web design. For instance, Poketo uses several vibrant colors but maintains a balance between them and the rest of the page components. Besides, they preserve some blank space around every product.

They also took care of navigation, having made it extremely smooth. In fact, all main elements are arranged across the top. The choice of fonts is also very rational – reading text and CTA is super easy.

The Pearl Source 

the pearl source ecommerce website design examples

This brand is solely focused on pearls, offering them in all possible sizes and combinations. The range of products is truly huge, but designers did all possible to make navigation intuitive and fast. 

While you may not have a clear idea of what pearls you want when first opening the site, you are sure to find something suitable by looking through the Shop menus. In general, the website has pastel and soothing colors that set up for non-hectic shopping experience.

Grainne Morton 

grainne morton ecommerce website design examples

Grainne Morton has proven that a simple website doesn’t mean a boring one. They have chosen earthy tones and a grid product arrangement in order to reduce the number of distractions and help people enjoy their online shopping.

Besides, they put photos and text in rectangles to leave space between headlines, product pictures, and menu items. Thus, the website has a modern and neat look.

Right after adding a product to the bag, you will see it displayed on the side. This is very convenient because you see all chosen objects while moving from one catalog page to the other.


ritual ecommerce website design examples

The company is a credible seller of vitamins for women and they used the characteristics of their products as the main design concept. When we think about vitamins, we imagine energy, youth, health, and strength. Drawing parallels between these concepts and colors for website design, they opted for a bright yellow and navy color mix. 

As for navigation, it is perfectly executed. The homepage contains all product categories, including Multivitamins, Gut Health, Protein, and PRegnancy. The traits of every product are described below those categories, which is a nice attention-grabbing trick.

Frank Body 

frank body ecommerce website design examples

There are not so many monochromatic eCommerce website design examples, but this one is a wonderful exception to the rule. Frank Body promotes the concept of modern beauty and has chosen monotype fonts to make this message more noticeable. 

There is a slider halfway down the page that you can use to get access to the review section. Each review is accompanied by a button. Click on it to open the product described.


thesus ecommerce website design examples

Thesus is an avid proponent of minimalism, which is clearly understandable from its website. The team reduced the number of photos on site, prioritizing quality over quantity. All photos are big and buyers can easily scrutinize the item they like. 

The brand has done all possible to create a shopping environment where every person can find suitable footwear without hassle. They also highlight their customer-centered approach by defining separate sections called free shipping, free return policy, and interest-free installment plan. 


ayo ecommerce website design examples

AYO has one of the best eCommerce website designs in the segment of health and technology businesses. The company clearly emphasizes the advantages of its science-driven products by eliminating all on-site elements that can divert attention from them.

They also add color gradients to the platform in a bid to follow modern trends. Color gradients are present in backgrounds, icons, and fonts. Another advantage of gradients is the depth they append to a page. 

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