How can a DevOps team take advantage of Artificial Intelligence?

One of the best things about DevOps is that it’s always adjustable and can work well with the newest technologies and innovations. AI is not an exception – more and more teams are turning to AI as a solution these days. Artificial Intelligence has the power to revolutionize the way DevOps teams solve various problems and approach different projects. With AI’s potential, a DevOps team will have a chance to boost their performance and improve work processes in unimaginable ways. Let’s explore how exactly DevOps teams can take advantage of AI in this guide.

What can a DevOps team do with the help of AI?

There are many things a DevOps team can do with the help of Artificial Intelligence, but today we’ll take a look at 6 areas of DevOps that can experience significant improvements after the incorporation of AI:

Automation of repetitive and mundane tasks 

From software development to infrastructure monitoring, generative AI systems  can help developers automate most of the processes that would have otherwise taken too much time and effort. This leaves more room for other, more strategic tasks that require some creativity. By delegating tasks that involve minimal decision-thinking, a team of developers can finally focus on those parts of the project that ​​are way more complex. AI-driven tools and DevOps services can now handle most of the tasks, so your team will be able to focus on the most important things.

Predictive analytics 

AI is capable of completing a thorough analysis of large chunks of data, identifying certain patterns, and making predictions based on them. Predictive analytics combined with AI can make a huge difference in all areas of business, but when it comes to DevOps, addressing various issues and identifying bottlenecks at early stages will become a much easier task for a DevOps team. Also, by preventing issues before they occur, developers can improve the quality and reliability of the software, which directly influences client satisfaction.

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Quick code review

Writing code is one thing, but reviewing it is a completely different process that sometimes takes even more time than actually writing anything. AI-based software for error detection is capable of doing this job instead of you. And the best part is that this type of tools can help you detect errors in a few minutes max, meaning that you don’t have to spend ages reviewing your code and spending all your time looking for that tiny mistake that is nowhere to be found. AI tools can help a DevOps team detect common mistakes and security threats and weaknesses in no time. 

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment 

CI/CD is one of the core principles of DevOps, and it can be significantly improved with the help of AI. AI-assisted continuous integration and continuous deployment can become a completely automated process, which can result in:

  • Reduced time and effort required to find and fix bugs
  • Detect code changes that might cause performance degradation
  • Increase overall efficiency
  • Improve the accuracy of software deployment

DevOps team can greatly benefit from an AI-powered approach to CI/CD. By integrating AI into this process, it is possible to optimize all processes and minimize the risk of errors and security vulnerabilities. Incorporating AI into CI/CD doesn’t take much time, but the results will truly be rewarding.

Resources optimization

AI is capable of optimizing resources in various ways — from allocating resources with the help of AI-powered load balancing systems to using capacity planning to predict future resource needs. AI is good at analyzing potential future issues that might occur in the future, which can also help a team to plan resource usage fast and efficiently. Fewer resources will be needed for certain projects, which means that the production cost can also be reduced after thorough analysis and planning.

Security & compliance

It is always easy to miss something, but this mistake might cost the company thousands of dollars, if not more. AI is what can fix that. By reducing the level of manual intervention, a DevOps team can use AI-powered tools to detect various security threats, identify vulnerabilities in the systems and monitor them, automate incident response processes, and recognize unusual matters, which mitigates the risks of security breaches and attacks. 

AI and DevOps can become an unbeatable duo

There are already many tools available that can help you with incorporating AI, so all it takes is just a little bit of effort to make it happen. New technologies, especially with the advancement of AI, can seem like a lot to handle, but it is not something worth stressing out about. Things will change, and it’s best to embrace those changes instead of pushing them away. 

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