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Creative Processes Made Easy: 7 Unexplored Apps to Help You Think Outside the Box

Working on creative processes can be challenging. Organizing ideas, having new insights, and taking advantage of them are quite complex things. Fortunately, technology also came to help us in this regard.

If you work with different creative processes, we have separated 5 applications that you may not know about, which can help you create, expand ideas and perform creative actions.

1. Unstuck

Unstuck helps you when you face creative blocks. As the name implies, you will receive all the help you need through this application to create and flow ideas.

It serves as a portable creativity coach, formulating profiles through a series of questions you can answer that will help you in your creation process.

Based on your answers, Unstuck will give tips on how to advance in the creation stages, giving fluidity to your projects and a great help when organizing what comes to mind.

creative process

2. A VPN

A VPN can also help you a lot in the design process. A VPN meaning is quite easy to understand. With a good VPN service, you can connect to servers in different countries and get further and broader results on search engines, streaming platforms, and other media like Pinterest.

VPN helps you improve the security of your connection and allows you to access content that helps you with great ideas (which would not otherwise be available to you due to geographic limitations and other restrictions).

You can download the VPN for mobile devices, desktops, notebooks, and other devices or even configure it directly on the router, ensuring coverage for all devices connected to your network.

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3. Brainsparker

Brainsparker is a good option to use when your creative reserves run out or run low. It helps trigger users’ imaginations and overcome imaginative blocks, facilitating brainstorming processes.

This app also lets you create a daily schedule to work on your development skills. It even has over 200 prompts for you to find creative inspiration.

4. Feedly

Another great app recommendation that can help you get ideas flowing better is Feedly.

Feedly is an app aggregating news, information, articles, and various data by gathering publications over the internet and organizing them in your feed according to your preferences and criteria.

It helps to facilitate the organization of ideas: instead of looking for information separately through several different searches and websites, you have everything organized and ready on your mobile screen.

All this makes Feedly an excellent option for you to stay on top of the main news from the most diverse sectors, including the art and creation sectors. In addition, Feedly is compatible with Android and iOS systems and has a free trial period.

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5. Inspiration Maps

Lack of inspiration can be one of the worst obstacles in any project phase.

Inspiration Maps is an app that can help you control the chaos and clutter that can often accompany even the most genius ideas.

Through a template, the app lets you organize thoughts, ideas, and projects through images and diagrams and even create notes that can be saved in formats compatible with programs like Word.

Inspiration Maps is like a big brainstorm, but at your fingertips and in the palm of your hand.

6. SimpleMind

Our list could not fail to include SimpleMind, another great application for organizations, that helps with productivity and the flow of ideas. It’s a mind-mapping app that turns your tablet, computer, and cell phone into brainstorming tools.

It’s great for organizing ideas into intuitive diagrams, adding media in different formats, taking notes, and sharing ideas as a team, making it a great group work management tool.

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7. Inkflow Visual Notebook

We round off the list with this great resource of graphic development tools that do just as well as pen and paper. It lets you draw and make notes on the screen with virtual ink and add photos and graphics to your notes.

Can’t keep or find that lost organizer of yours? Don’t worry: With Inkflow Visual Notebook, you have a notebook on your phone, in the palm of your hand, wherever you go.

Now that you know more about these resources, your creative processes will be much more fluid, dynamic and organized.

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