Comparison of the Gaming Websites

The game reseller market is very competitive and constantly growing. As such, having an optimal design can make or break the business e-commerce venture.


The main goal is to find out what BuyPCgame* webpage is missing compared with competing brands** and what improvements could be done.

* BuyPCgame - the most popular brand in the gaming industry.
** Competitors: G2A, Kinguin.


The following objects on every website have been tested with Attention Insight:
  • Logo / brand
  • Search bar
  • Banner
  • The first and the second product lines

Elements which get the most attention

Comparing the heatmaps, we can see that:

  • BuyPCgame grabs the first attention on product display. However, the search bar is barely noticeable.
  • Kinguin: it is worth to mention that the banner attracts a large amount of attention without draining it from the product display.
  • G2A: attention moves from the slogan to the products. The banner on the right side does not manage to capture a significant amount of attention.

Logo visibility

All 3 websites have a relatively low percentage of attention dedicated towards their brand logos (0-2%).

Search bar visibility

On the G2A website the search bar gets 0% of attention, while on BuyPCgame and Kinguin sites - 1%.


Promotional banner visibility

  • All brands are taking a different approach to their banner advertising.
  • BuyPCgame: classical banner manages to capture 19% of attention because of monotone page design.
  • Kinguin: the main banner attracts  53% of attention. 
  • G2A: banner receives 13% of attention as focus is on the slogan and other large elements.

Products visibility

  • On all of the websites, the second line of products gets more attention than the first one. Possibly, the large banners detract the attention from the first line and the second line is where users tend to refocus.

Website clarity

  • Due to the minimalist design as well as the contrasting colors between the elements, BuyPCgame and Kinguin have quite clean and easy to understand user interfaces. Clarity score ranges between 60-68% (when 100% indicates super clean design). 
  • G2A (50%) has more complex design that could be improved.


  • Move the search bar to the middle position. In this way it will occur in the pathway of user attention journey. The search bar is relevant for the best customer experience.

  • Reshape and move the promotional banner to the left side of the page in line with the products. The banner receives significantly more attention when it is placed in line with the products.
  • Increase the contrast of the important elements by using brighter tone. Shift the overall color scheme to the dark colors with a slightly more contrast on the product line. 

It is a part of the study which was implemented by the students at ISM University of Management and Economics: Granger Robin, Dovydaitis Jonas, Armonas Karolis, Galyts Mykhailo.

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