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4 Reasons Why the Right Backend Software Makes Your Ecommerce Site Much More Effective

In the world of eCommerce, if your site isn’t well optimized and well oiled behind the scenes, it won’t be able to meet or exceed expectations when it comes to how the customer-facing elements perform.

This is where having the right backend software at your beck and call is crucial. Let’s look at where you’ll feel this the most, and why you need to take heed of this message if you’re an online seller.

Accurate inventory matters

There are lots of ways to improve customer satisfaction online, and one of them is by being accurate about the number of products you’ve got in stock at any one time.

There’s nothing worse than adding an item to your basket, only to find that it’s not in stock after you go to checkout. That’s avoided by using modern inventory management solutions like Fixpoint and Spark Shipping.

Of course not all systems in this category are created equal, so weighing up their abilities before you commit makes sense. For example, with Fixpoint and Spark Shipping compared against one another, you’ll see that Fixpoint only updates inventory every 5 minutes, while SparkShipping handles this in real-time. This means customers won’t encounter the issue of not realizing a product is out of stock until it’s too late.

backend software

Customer relationship management is of paramount importance

It’s not just how your site looks and how seamlessly it can be used to make purchases which will determine whether your business flourishes or falters. You also have to think about how you nurture customer relationships, because loyalty is a valuable commodity in the eCommerce ecosystem.

There are lots of ways to boost customer engagement, whether you use APIs or adopt fresh social strategies. However, having a CRM service tapped into your site to oversee all interactions will save you time and effort, as well as making customers happier on the whole.

Your choice of modern CRM software is extensive, and as with inventory management it pays to compare and contrast the packages from competing vendors.

Whether you’re looking for extensive automation, or in-depth analytics, these assets vary between platforms. Your budget is also important of course, although it’s worth spending what you can on a solid CRM solution because of the benefits it will bring in terms of retention rates.

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Site performance cannot be substandard

Another aspect of the backend of an ecommerce site which has to be efficient and effective is the infrastructure that affords it speedy performance.

This is a complex topic, and one which depends on a number of moving parts being carefully chosen and well aligned.

Today, it’s common for ecommerce businesses to outsource much or all of this to cloud-based solutions, as you can virtualize everything if you wish, and avoid the overheads associated with procuring and running hardware and software in-house.

Whichever combination of technologies you decide upon, you need to keep your customers in mind throughout.

For example, site performance might be adequate in certain regions, but if you’re intending to enter new markets further afield, you need to think about how easily overseas shoppers will be able to visit and harness your site. Having cloud software in place to host instances of the data in different places, rather than a customer in Australia having to load info stored in the US, is better.

This should also go along with general efforts to tweak and streamline your site’s design, and the type of content you include on it. But you’ll usually find that if you get the backend elements right, the frontend will automatically be more effective and enjoyable to use.

backend software

The bottom line on backend software for ecommerce sites

From cloud storage to customer relationship management, there are a multitude of software products built with ecommerce in mind, each one of which will combine to make your site that bit better.

With a slicker customer experience comes higher conversion and retention rates, along with the loyalty and word of mouth recommendations that these also entail. So you have to look at the benefits in a holistic way to help justify the upfront investment needed to reach this point.

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