Attention Insight on the Startup Grind Local Podcast

Attention Insight on the Startup Grind Local Podcast

In March, Kamile Jokubaite, CEO of Attention Insight, participated in the Startup Grind Local podcast. Kamile shares her thoughts on a topic called The Robots that Predict what Humans Want.

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On the March 29th’s episode, Kamile explains how the Attention Insight platform works and how the Artificial Intelligence knows what humans want and where they look, based on predictive eye-tracking system.

We are constantly updating our data pool. At the moment we are organizing a big eye-tracking study that will happen this year. [...] we do tend to sometimes look where they [people] are looking and then we feed this data to our AI.

If you would like to find out more, have a listen to the podcast on Youtube:

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