Attention Insight on the Digitiv Dirty Marketers Podcast

Attention Insight on the Digitiv Dirty Marketers Podcast

In March, Kamile Jokubaite, CEO of Attention Insight, participated in the Digitiv Dirty Marketers entrepreneur edition podcast. Kamile shares her thoughts on the power of Artificial Intelligence.

The Digitiv Dirty Marketers podcast is hosted by Rob Winters and Brittany Brown, who form a marketing agency called Digitiv, presenting themselves as a digital data lovers team.

Semiweekly, they interview inspirational people such as tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs about how technology is transforming their business.

Digitiv Dirty Marketers podcast on the power of AI - artificial intelligence

On the March 26th episode, Kamile shares about core values of the Attention Insight and the power of artificial intelligence.

Attention Insight has more than 6,000 users worldwide. The biggest market that we operate in is the United States. However, we are leading in markets such as the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands as well.

If you would like to find out more, have a listen to the podcast:

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