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Last month “Attention Insight” CEO Kamile Jokubaite was invited to talk with the “Startup Lithuania” team and share her thoughts about technology, success and ambitions of “Attention Insight” as a fast-growing startup. “Startup Lithuania” is facilitating the national startup ecosystem between fast-growing businesses, venture capital funds, accelerators, startup-friendly enterprises and the government.

In the article, Kamile talks about the journey of “Attention Insight”. It started because of her wish as a marketer to find data-driven ways to launch user-centric websites or communication campaigns as soon as possible and with the confidence of success! Those who do not know, this is how “Attention Insight”, the platform which instantly predicts where users look when engaging with web design, was found.

AI calculates percentage of attention that a particular object receives

Kamile also discusses competitors and competitive advantages of “Attention Insight”. Traditional eye-tracking research requires specific hardware, user involvement, time, and resource-intensive service. Besides, there are mouse tracking tools. However, they can only be used after the launch of a website and provides data on mouse movements but does not give information on user viewing patterns or behavior.

As the “Startup Lithuania” article tries to provide valuable information about the “Startup of the Week”, Kamile was asked to share the biggest challenges of “Attention Insight” and our plans. So read the whole article and find out the tips for overcoming challenges and investing opportunities in a fast-growing startup!

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