AI-Powered Analysis of 5 Website Designs

One of the most popular blogs WebdesignerDepot has announced 20 Unmissable Websites of July 2020. Where does their success lie?

When talking about web design, our team becomes curious very quickly. So we have picked 5 websites and uploaded the screenshots of their landing pages to the Attention Insight platform.

It is AI-powered design analytics that generates heatmaps in no time and brings to light valuable insights about users’ attention shifts.

We have judged the websites on three key factors:

  1. Design Clarity score.
  2. The presence of the most important elements and their visibility: product/service, main value proposition and call-to-action.
  3. User path – is it clear and meaningful? Is the users’ attention well-distributed among the main elements?

Site #1: VYBES

  • VYBES is a CBD drink made in LA. Its site evokes the Californian spirit with baby pink brand colors and sun-bleached photography.
  • Clarity score – 81%.
  • Product (gets 22% of attention), main value (6%) and CTA (2%) are all there and manage to catch users’ attention.
  • User path is clear, while attention is well distributed among product, main value and call-to-action.

Site #2: Year & Day

  • Year & Day is an ecommerce site that sells ceramics, glassware, and other choice pieces of tableware.
  • Clarity score – 79%.
  • Products receive 16%, 10% and 22% of attention, main value – 11%, CTA – 2%.
  • User path is moderate. Attention is quite scattered, but most of it goes to the product images. In short, it is a website that needs a little bit of love.

Site #3: Dataveyes

  • Dataveyes is an information design studio that works with large datasets to give meaning to complex information.
  • Clarity score – 59%.
  • Main value grabs 56% of attention. However, there are no elements related to product/service or CTA.
  • User path is moderate since it is not clear what user should do next – no call-to-action.

Site #4: I Weigh Community

  • The I Weigh Community is a non-profit community activism initiative.
  • Clarity score is high (79%), though attention is allocated mostly to the person, not to the main information.
  • Service grabs 7% of attention. However, 66% of attention goes to the image of the girl, there is no CTA and the menu bar is barely visible.
  • User path is not clear – readers’ attention is focused on girl’s head and eye.

Site #5: Stojo

  • Stojo designs earth-conscious products – a collapsable cup and bottle. Its website follows Miami-meets-Brutalism trend.
  • Clarity score – 75%.
  • Images of product get 22% and 5% of attention, main value – 10%, CTA – 1%.
  • Visitors’ eyes move from logo to a product image and finally – a main value with an explanatory text. User path could be improved as call-to-action button is not included in it. 


Heatmaps of some other sites

Insights and tips

  • Make sure to check whether all key elements (product or service, value proposition and call-to-action) are above the fold. Only 8 out of 20 Unmissable Websites of July 2020 place all elements above the fold.
  • Make sure that the most important elements are visible and catch visitors’ attention. Wildist website is a great example: product receives 87% of attention, main message – 13%, CTA – 2%.
  • Use familiarity rule and place elements where the user expects to find them. As we see, an original decision to place a menu in a lower left corner of I Weigh Community website is not working well.
  • The light design gets higher clarity score. For example, clarity score of Dataveyes website is 60%, Year & Day – 79%. Therefore, it is more attractive to users.
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