Improve design performance with
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Easily assess design element visibility with 90% accurate attention heatmaps, no data collection is required!

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AI-Powered design analytics

For higher conversion rate

Compare multiple designs, see which object attracts the most attention and together with your design team improve marketing KPI’s.

We all know – attention is priceless.

For better product performance

Learn how users engage with designs, A/B test, improve user experience, measure against your competitors and make data driven decisions.
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For user-centric design

Implement user testing in minutes, see how they would react to different layouts and easily prove your design decisions to clients.
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Attention Heatmap
A visual representation of how powerfully each part of the design captivates the user’s attention
Percentage of Attention
Mark areas of interest (i.e title, description, button) and AI calculates percentage of attention that a particular object receive
Clarity score vs. Benchmarks
Shows how clear the design is for the users. Benchmark enables you to compare your design clarity with your competition
Let’s grab and keep your customer’s attention. 

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    Although we communicate 90 % accuracy of prediction for websites compared to eye-tracking research, our inside number is 94 %. The reason is that we don’t have enough studies to get a reliable golden number yet.

    Our deep learning algorithm is scored and approved by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

    No, we do not need to collect or keep any data. To improve Attention Insight algorithm, we use previous eye-tracking research data. The algorithm has already been trained with 30 800 data sets. So information about your studies will be removed from our server as soon as you delete it.

    The price depends on the number of credits and available features. The solo plan costs 60 Eur. Log in to Attention Insight platform to find more about pricing.

    Sign up and upload the image you want to test or enter its URL. That’s it, your study is created, everything else will be done by the Attention Insight algorithm. More about data privacy policy: here.

    Believe us, Attention Insight is very simple to use. Take a look at step-by-step guide or a quick walkthrough video.

    If you still have a question, our team is here to help. Shoot an email to [email protected] or log in to your Attention Insight account and start a live chat. Besides, with any Enterprise plan, you will get extra help and consultations from our Design and UX team.

    Yes, you can log in to the web app or:

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