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6 Important Branding Tips for Your Landing Pages

Landing pages have to make the right impression if they are to convert new arrivals and spread awareness of your business.

That’s where branding comes in handy. But if you aren’t familiar with the best practices for showcasing your brand in this context, it’s easy to take missteps.

To rebalance your approach to branding your landing pages, here are tantalizing tips to implement for tangible results.

Ensure consistency of aesthetics & tone

There are lots of reasons why people leave a website, and a major contributor to a high bounce rate is having a landing page that isn’t consistent with the ad they clicked.

It’s therefore crucial to get the tone and, where relevant, the aesthetics of the landing page to link up with search, display and social ads you’re running at any given time.

Also remember that the page needs to look just as good and function just as well on portable devices as it does on desktop PCs, so sticking to a guide to creating mobile-friendly websites is wise.

Have a clear story that resonates with your target audience

Branding isn’t just about slapping your logo on your landing page and calling it a day. You need to create your brand’s story and convey this to visitors so they can get a sense of what your business represents, rather than just encountering what it sells.

Obviously you don’t have to go all-in on brand storytelling on every landing page. However, your work in this area should inform aspects like the images you choose and the copy you include.

Remember throughout this that you’re aiming to connect with your target audience. If the story of your brand isn’t interesting or engaging to them, they won’t stick around.

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Use color to your advantage

Color is a powerful tool, capable of catching the eye and even changing our emotions. From a landing page perspective, it’s an element you can use both, conspicuously and subtly, to establish the core tenets of your brand.

For example, as well as using your brand colors as part of images and the interface elements, you could also include them in the copy of the page itself, such as to add emphasis to important phrases.

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Avoid overcrowding

Clutter is a common issue which lots of landing pages suffer from, yet it’s also one that’s straightforward to solve.

Your brand can get lost if the page is overcrowded with elements, so be sure to leave lots of negative space and lean towards minimalism wherever possible.

Add social links

Getting landing page visitors to share what they’ve found on your site with others is a good move from a marketing perspective.

For those interested in brand building, you should also endeavor to include links to your own social presence. This will allow for cross-pollination between your site and your social accounts, allowing those who have demonstrated that they’re engaged with your brand a way to take this relationship further if they wish.

Give personality to interactive elements

Every landing page needs a solid call to action (CTA) to coax conversions from visitors. If this is a web form, then you can spice things up and show your brand’s identity more clearly with interactive elements that go above and beyond the default.

Adding target audience-appropriate interpretations of old standards like ‘click here’ or ‘sign up now’ will show that you’ve put more thought into what best suits your brand.

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The bottom line

Landing page branding doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle. In fact once you’ve mastered it, you’ll make short work of tackling this in the future.

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