5 Different Types of Print Materials to Use When Promoting Your Business

In the digital age, with tweets and memes whizzing by at the speed of light, you’d be forgiven for thinking old-fashioned print is dead. I mean, who needs inked newspapers and magazines anymore when you’ve got the internet?

Well, as it turns out, print ain’t going anywhere.

In fact, printing is more important than ever before! A recent study found that 56% of people think printed marketing is more trustworthy than online ads. And a whopping two-thirds said they prefer direct mail when deciding what to buy.

For these reasons and more, any business looking to boost sales should include some good old printing in their marketing strategy. Don’t be left in the digital dust – bring out the printers! But what print materials should you use in your marketing? Keep reading to find out.

What are Print Marketing Materials?

Print marketing materials are physical promotional items that can help you connect with customers and spread the word about your business.

We’re talking brochures, business cards, flyers – anything you can print and hand out to get people excited about what you offer. Or rather, anything you can slap your logo on and leave lying around for people to pick up. These handy dandy handouts are secret weapons that will catapult your company straight to the top.

Different Types of Print Materials to Use in Your Marketing

Without further ado, here are the different types of print materials to use for your business.

1. Brochures

Brochures are the true renaissance men of the marketing world.

Not only can they flex their muscles by cramming a ton of juicy info into a tiny package, but they can also be customized into different layouts and designs!

Want to introduce potential customers to your company? No problem – brochures will present your brand most professionally. Feeling like bragging about your top-notch products and services? Brochures will make them sound even more amazing than you ever could.

Plus, brochures are super convenient. Need to spread the word far and wide without breaking the bank? Brochures are light as a feather and easy to ship anywhere. And since they fold up smaller than an envelope, they take up hardly any space.

And the best part? Sites like Canva offer free brochure templates, so you can create a professional brochure design that reflects your brand’s image.

2. Business Cards

Are your clients having trouble remembering your name and number? Level up your networking game with sleek, well-designed business cards.

Business cards are like business bat-signals. Whip one out, and potential clients will immediately know you mean serious business, even if you’re wearing sweatpants at the time. They’re lightweight, too, so you can stuff a whole wad in your pocket without feeling stuffed.

Do they deliver results? Absolutely! Studies show that for every two thousand business cards issued, you can expect sales to increase by 2.5%.

3. Catalogs

Catalogs are perhaps the best way to tell everyone about your business. They’ve got all the deets on whatever you’re selling so people can get a gist of your business right away.

And the best thing is that you can use catalogs however you want – print them out, put them on your website, or even email them as a PDF.

The options are endless! You could hand them out to customers in person. Or embed them on your website so anyone who visits can scroll through all your offerings. Feeling lazy? No problem, just email the PDF to potential customers and let them be the judge.

4. Promotional Products

Promotional products are the bee’s knees for marketing your business. People love getting free swag, and you can use that to create brand awareness. Pens, water bottles, frisbees – slap your logo on it and watch the customers come running!

Does it work? Absolutely. It’s like getting a candy bar with a fun wrapper. You remember the candy way better because you could see the picture. Same with promotional items – people remember your business way more when they’re holding your keychain or writing with your pen.

And the best part is you can put your logo on anything! Your customers will carry it around all day because it’s useful. Need a bottle opener? Bam, your logo. Phone charger? You got it, with your company name. The options are endless!

So, round up some fun freebies and watch the customers stick to your brand like glue. Promo products are a surefire way to get customers to spread vibes about how great your company is.

5. Banners and Signs

If you want to let people know your store is open, get yourself some banners and signs. Nothing says “Welcome!” like a big ol’ banner or two. Signs are great for letting people know what you sell, whether you’re in a regular store or just online.

Because signs are meant to pop from way far away, the best real estate is outside. Make sure your materials can withstand whatever mother nature throws – if it isn’t weatherproof, it isn’t street-proof. And since most people will be on the move and have no time to read through a lengthy sign, keep the important info quick, quirky, and to the point.

Wrapping Up

Print marketing is your best bet if you’re looking for a surefire way to create brand awareness and boost your sales. Whether you sell gadgets or wisdom, there’s a paper promotion perfect for your business. We hope these print marketing options will help skyrocket your sales in 2024! Feel free to comment and share!

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