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5 Best Tip Jar Practices For Blogging and Online Platforms

When you create content for a living, finding new ways to monetize it can be daunting. You may sell products, earn ad revenue, and more, but you should also try relying on the goodwill of your audience by setting up a tip jar. 

Many people are happy to tip for valuable products or services, but some require a nudge in the right direction. Digital tip jars can be difficult to establish, but they can increase your earnings. 

The following are tip jar best practices for blogs, newsletters, and other platforms:

Place The Tip Jar Alongside Free Content

As a content creator on a platform, not all your content will be for sale. However, you should still find ways to monetize your content. You may decide to offer free content to increase your audience. 

You may also provide free content out of goodwill to your consumers. It would be best if you tried placing a tip jar next to the free content on your site. If you are not charging people for it, leave it up to them to donate what they can. You can be subtle about it and ask them to buy you a coffee or help out if they find the content valuable.

Add Tip Jar to Your Most Important Pages

When you have a website or blog, some pages will receive more attention and visits than others. These may include the landing or home page, contact page, help center, and about us page. Your site’s most important pages are where you should place your tip jar. 

Place the tip jar where visitors can easily see it. By putting the tip jar on the most critical pages, you increase the chances that people will see it and add tips to the jar. It would be best if you used Google Analytics to determine the most important pages on your site.

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Customize Your Tip Jar

You will put a lot of time into ensuring your website has a competitive advantage to make it stand out and decrease bounce rates. Customization is one way to ensure your website is unique, and you should do the same with your tip jar. 

Most sites will ask visitors to buy them a coffee or meal as their tip jar. They may also place a generic picture of a tip jar on the site. A great tip is to customize the tip jar. You can modify its appearance to match your site or place a humorous quip that attracts tips.

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Offer Tip Jar Options

When you place a tip jar on your blog or newsletter, people will often make the tiniest donation they can to which they are entitled. However, if you want to direct them towards more favorable tips, you should give them options of amounts they can donate to your site. 

For example, you can have 5, 10, 15, and 20 dollar options from which visitors can choose. It will give visitors a precise amount they can donate and makes it easier for you to receive more donations.

Payment Options

Another excellent tip jar practice is to give visitors as many payment options as possible. There are numerous digital payment platforms that users can choose from, and the more you have, the better. 

Enabling as many payment options as possible will incentivize customers to tip since they can easily do so. It is one of the best tip jar ideas you can implement. It is impossible to have all payment options on the site, so consider the options most customers use and prioritize those. 

Receiving tips on your site is an art form that involves significant risk. It would be best to implement tip jar best practices such as offering tip jar options, customizing your tip jar, putting the jar on your most important pages, placing the jar alongside free content, and increasing payment options for making tips. Use the above practices, and your tip jar should be chock full.

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