5 Best Tactics To Grab Gen Z's Attention

5 Best Tactics To Grab Gen Z’s Attention

Are you ready to market your brand to the new generation of customers? Here, let’s learn the best five marketing tactics to effortlessly attract Gen Z-ers towards your brand. Most savvy businesses are already marketing their brands efficiently to the millennials. But now, with the digital advancement, Gen Z-ers have become the real digital natives. They are the new set of customers born between 1997 and 2012. Gen Z-ers act and think differently and access the technology most in their daily lives. Unfortunately, this fact changes the way of marketing and makes it easier for brands to reach Gen Z-ers. So, now it’s time to focus your marketing efforts on the next generation to grab their attention.

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Why Target The Gen Z-ers?

Here let’s know the answer. It’s because Gen Z-ers are the trendsetters with the higher expectations and positively influence the world with their creativity. In this mysterious social media world, Gen Z is practical with their needs, doing quick searches and purchasing a lot in online stores. But, at the same time, their strong purchasing power influences businesses, brands, or marketers, and increases the generation’s potential of being reached.

Moreover, as a business, increasing engagement is more crucial to perform at best and stay on top. If you strive to boost up your engagement, follow up the right strategies, and also leverage authentic paid services like Trollishly. Undoubtedly, its growth-associated packages help to increase your brand’s reach and awareness, which improves engagement with hyperactive Gen Z-ers. Let’s kickstart this article to know more!

Understanding Generation Z

Do you know who Gen Z-ers are? If not, let us explain you. They are the future generation, ranging from age of 9 to 25 years old, who are more smart, mindful, and diligent. More importantly, Gen Z-ers are different from Millennials in using the technology that is rooted in their lives. They are more digital-savvy, and without the technology and internet, they can’t imagine the world. Without any hesitation, Gen Z shares their thoughts on social media.

Moreover, they are engaged by absurdity, quicker and more mesmerizing content. In the meanwhile, their purchasing power exceeds millennials. Innovative brands understand that they are the next big retail consumers and highly take the appropriate measure to connect with them. It doesn’t mean that you have to end your marketing with Millennials, but it’s time to focus on Gen Z-ers. So you have to think about the possible traits to attract them.

5 Best Tactics To Grab Gen Z's Attention

1. Choose Gen Z’s Platform

When choosing the popular Gen Z social media platform, you will explore Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and probably the rapidly growing newcomer TikTok. And, if you think of Gen Z’s platform for short videos and live streams for content, it’s sure that TikTok will strike your mind rather than other popular Gen Z platforms. This is because its intriguing and exceptional creative options exclusively attract more Gen Z followers. The unveiling power of TikTok attracts more than 1 billion people, and in the U.S. alone, there are 100 million active monthly users.

With time TikTok has become a venue for unlimited hyper-specific subcultures with the collection of unlimited conceivable trending content. It becomes the roof for effective marketing campaigns. TikTok’s immense popularity is specially powered by Gen Z-ers. Although, its humorous, eye-appealing, and entertaining content entices the older generation, also. Moreover, TikTok’s algorithm better serves to rank the content. It is a user-friendly and best marketing platform that best supports the business by offering tremendous opportunities to stay on top. TikTok drives trends rather than other social media platforms. That is the main reason TikTok dominates Gen Z’s mind and heart. Further, it pushes the trend, and crucial to know that trending content goes viral on the platform and makes the brand stand out.

Overall, TikTok is the hottest platform that significantly addicted more Gen Z users and grew tremendously in a short period. Moreover, other social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are leading the way with Gen Z users in the U.S. So, as a brand, come up with fire-performing content and share it on TikTok. At the same time, if you focus on nurturing the relationship with the customers and maintaining the long-lasting relationship, share the content on other popular platforms where Gen Z is more likely active. Often sharing the content on the social media platform’s exciting features will reward your business.

2. Take Advantage Of Popular Hashtag Challenges

Brands that focus on the prevalent hashtag challenges will surely gain more responses from the users. As a result, there is more user-generated content. UGC builds the brand’s authenticity and attracts the user powerfully. So, if you are a brand, make sure that your hashtag challenge is welcoming the people to do the same. A trend should always be creative and unique that must stay on hype to get the unbelievable engagement and the desired outcomes. All in all, ensure that your hashtag challenge is unique and on-trend to connect with a broad range of people!

In June 2020, the Simmons Bedding Company launched a popular hashtag challenge #snoozzzapalooza on TikTok. It asks the users to imagine their bed as a stage and dive onto it. This concept attracts millions of people and influences them to create videos. In contrast, the brand received over 6 million views and enjoyed a 104% rise in website traffic. That perfects their marketing campaign and vastly increases the prospects and leads. In addition, more users who created the content are Gen Z-ers. So, focus on making the challenge that inspires Gen Z to participate in it!

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3. Focus On Creating Eye-Caching, Interactive & Visual Content

Social media is all about entertainment and the trending news. With the popular social media app, the brands can stay on-trend. According to the studies, 81 % of Gen Z admit Instagram and YouTube are their favorite platforms. The survey with Gen Z-ers helps businesses know which platform they are using the most. Whereas 56% of Gen Z’s stated that they rely on Instagram, 38% said they use YouTube. Despite Gen Z’s attraction towards short-form video content, advertisers should think about implementing visual platforms into their strategy and creating bite-sized compelling content like Instagram Stories. Gen Z’s are resourceful especially in dealing with the instagram posting times because they want to make sure that whenever they post content they want to target the right audience. This way there’s a great chance of big sales if doing a business or likes  and followers if doing personal branding.

Short-form video with visual background music is a marketing goldmine for influencers and business owners. So, look no further than TikTok, the hottest social media platform that offers more business opportunities. There is a surge in the TikTok user base in a short period and the major TikTok users are Gen Z-ers. In fact, the tremendous rise of users on TikTok made this platform an essential element in any brand’s marketing tactics. When capturing younger audiences, brands must emphasize attention over creative visual content. With TikTok’s efficient in-app editing tools, innovative features, and elements, businesses can generate unique and attractive content.

However, creativity combining interactivity will increase the conversation of your brand. Therefore, bringing the potential Gen Z-ers to your business will make sense. Across all words, whenever Gen Z-era land on your posts, they always want to do something new. Something you can do to stimulate social contact or discussion is a bonus that lets Gen Z tap, swipe or click. Further, include interactive elements such as polls, which may help you know about your clients while also capturing their interest. The Instagram poll is a fast and easy technique to boost participation among your followers while also generating fresh content ideas. In addition, Instagram features such as stickers and sliders may add interactive spice to your stories, as well as in your in-feed postings. It induces the customer’s interest to purchase the product.

For Instance, a Topshop brand that features its products through quizzes helps the prospectors understand the product’s value so that viewers can purchase the product confidently.

4. Partner With Niche Influencers

At present, influencer marketing is the fastest growing marketing tactic in the world, and it is particularly popular with the demographic of Gen Z customers. They are more willing to buy a product they saw on a social network site and have high trust with the influencers they follow. Therefore, decide on innovative approaches to establish collaborations with micro and macro influencers to get your business in front of millions of young customers. Potentially, it will increase your brand’s sales and take your business to a new level. However, it is essential to choose the influencers more cautiously. At the same time, while making research make sure that they are relevant to your brand and have niche followers. More important, know that they have already worked with the brands and successfully increased the revenue.

If you are a start-up, it is suggested that you partner with micro-influencers. First, get to know who micro-influencers are. Micro-influencers are persons with only a limited social media following of 10k to 50k. Today’s Gen Z-ers are more likely to focus on popular influencers. According to the survey, 70% of Gen Z youth YouTube viewers identify influencers’ brands rather than traditional advertising. As a result, YouTube will provide you with the attention you want from Gen Z. Furthermore, as per data, more than 44 % have followed a suggestion from a digital creator, compared to 36 percent of those who have attempted things advertised by celebrities. Micro-Influencers are an efficient approach to promote your brand with an untapped consumer.

For Instance, Coca-Cola collaborated with micro-influencer Miette Dierckx, a food and travel influencer with over 35k Instagram followers, routinely publishes images. As a result, Coca-Cola benefits in several ways and rapidly expands its business. This means that whatever platform you choose, sort out the niche influencers and partner with them. Moreover, they build a long-term relationship with the customers.

5. Go Live Stream Often

Do you want to revolutionize your business by reaching the potential Gen Z audience? If so, going live on various platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook will make sense. It is a great strategy that will change over your social media game. Perhaps, it helps you build a strong brand presence with potential prospects in a short period. It is now time for the digital business to go live to boost brand sales potential. If you go live on a popular social media platform, it will reward you in several ways. More importantly, viewers will purchase your product like never before.

While going live, showcase your product catalog in a different perspective that enables users to understand what you are selling. Moreover, the prospective customers get instant answers to their doubts or queries. Finally, it brings a sense of exclusiveness about your product so that the users will confidently purchase your product. So, if you are a business owner to create buzz about your new product launch, promote that you are on live on the various social media platforms. It gives a big boost for small businesses and an intelligent way to increase sales more dramatically.

Moreover, take advantage of Livestream shopping where it is an ideally tested sales strategy. Famous brands from Amazon to Louis Vuitton are making the Livestream shopping trend. Get to know that with Livestream shopping, all sizes of businesses can connect with potential customers in a new and exciting way. At the same time, it is essential to build up your loyal follower base. So the potential customer can visualize your products and enjoy purchasing them. If your Livestream shopping videos get incredibly popular, it will bring your brand to life and kickstart your business to the next level of online success.

Wrapping It Up

It’s sure that Gen Z drives the future of marketing, which has high expectations. They often connect with more entertaining brands that align with their interests. So if you are a brand, make sure to present on the top social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. In contrast, TikTok’s substantial growth remains strong, leading the way of marketing to Gen Z.

TikTok gives greater freedom to create more authentic content that meaningfully influences the Gen Z’s buying decisions. However, to build a strong connection with Gen Z-ers it is best to follow a reliable strategy. I hope that the above strategies help you a lot to attract Gen Z-ers towards your brand. So, implement the plan in the right way to achieve your brand’s mission and stay competitive without much effort.

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