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5 Best Online OCR Image to Text Converters

Getting multiple documents in the form of scanned images has become common. No doubt, we can edit images as per our requirements but we can’t edit the text written on any images.

What if you need to edit the text written on an image and make it accurate for your task? You will find it hard even if you are a professional editor.

This is where you will find technology beneficial to you. Here in this article, we are going to discuss this technology. Additionally, we will show you a few tools, with an image to text convertion option, that we have found the best based on the technology and working finely for all the users.

What Is OCR Technology?

OCR stands for optical character recognition which is a specific technology used to extract data from an image. This technology allows a machine to read the text written on the image, compare it with its database, and display text in document format.

If we say that OCR has made it a lot easier for people to extract data from images or scanned documents, it might be right. With time, this technology is getting more advanced and making data extraction easier as well as efficient for the users.

Here in the following section, we are going to display a list of OCR tools that you can use in this regard. You should read the descriptions written here to understand how to use and why to use these tools.

Top 5 Online Image to Text Converter

When we search on the internet, we will get hundreds of choices available to use to extract text from images. The main question is which one is the best and perfect to use as an image to text converter.

Normally, we will find a few tools that are worthy to use because most of them are not of great use. Therefore, we have worked harder and enlisted only those tools that you will find beneficial. Let’s have a look at the following list and explore all tools to understand their working interface.


At the top of our list, we have an image to text converter offered by It is one of the largest platforms providing more than 200 tools for writers, data entry experts, developers, and SEO experts.

From this platform, you can use many tools freely without getting any problems. Among other tools, it is offering an image to text converter that is considered the best.

image to text converter

The main reason why we have ranked it in the top position is its simplest interface. You can use this tool with a few clicks of your mouse. First of all, you have to insert the image from which you want to get data in the document format.

To do this task, you can use the internal storage of your device, G-drive, or directly insert the link to the image. After doing this, you need to tap on the Submit button that will dictate the tool to start processing.

image to text converter

In a few seconds, you will be shown the text in a box from where you can copy that text or download it in a doc. format. While using this tool, you don’t need to face complex methods or follow multiple steps.

This is the main reason why we have ranked it in the top position for image to text  converters, as people like this particular tool. Additionally, you can insert up to 3 images at once to get data from all of them quickly. It will reduce the time of your work and you will be able to extract data within a few seconds.


  • Bulk extraction
  • Free to use
  • Easy interface
  • Quick extraction
  • Accurate outcomes
  • Scan blurred images too


  • Advertisement display


Another efficient image to text converter is offered by It is also a tool providing platform from which you can use various tools online. This platform does not demand any registration or login credentials.

You only need to insert your image inside this tool and click on the Extract Text button. The tool will start analyzing your data and compare it with its database.

image to text converter

This image to text converter has a vast database from which it will find similar alphabets and write them in the text box. Actually, this tool will scan your document and compare the alphabet with patterns available in its database.

In this way, it will write only those letters that are found to match exactly or have a maximum similarity. So, you can say that the extraction will be 100% accurate and you will get a text that can be used fearlessly.


  • Multiple image insertion methods
  • Wider interface
  • No login/registration
  • Text downloading button


  • Advertisement display
  • No bulk extraction
  • Not integrated with cloud-based data storage


Another tool to get a text from your images is here with all premium features. is offering a fine tool that you can utilize to get data from blurred images too.

The algorithm has been designed in such a fine manner that it can analyze your image without discriminating the quality. Also, it will compare the text side by side with its database to make the extraction smooth.

image to text converter

Due to its side-by-side comparison and effective scanning, you will get 100% accurate extraction within a few seconds. The tool will also allow you to copy text or download it directly using the buttons given above the text box.

image to text converter

The main feature of this tool is that it will give you side by side preview of text and images. So, you can easily check whether the extraction has been done properly or not.


  • Side by side preview
  • Free to use
  • Accurate data extraction
  • Simple interface


  • Limited data insertion options


If you are not worried about accuracy in the results, this tool would also be a good choice. It is an online image to text converter that has a slightly more technical interface as compared to the above ones.

To use this tool, you only need to choose a file from your device or drag & drop the image inside the given box. After inserting an image, you need to select a few sections like document language.

image to text converter

By doing this, it would be easy for the tool to extract data from the image. Along with this, you will be able to choose the document format in which you want to get the output text.

In simple words, the text after extraction will be shown or given in your selected document format. No doubt, the tool is efficient but it processes slower than the above ones.


  • Wider interface
  • No login or registration required
  • Free to use


  • No preview available
  • A little complex interface


If we say that it is the best tool for single image conversion, it would be right. The reason is you will get different sections to upload an image or insert it directly from the internet.

To use this tool, you first have to choose the method to insert an image by clicking on the options given in the top bar. After doing this, you only have to insert the image from the device or insert the URL directly inside the dedicated box.

image to text converter

Once you have done this, you need to tap on the Convert Now button. It will start scanning your document and extracting text inside the text box. You will be able to see the text in the box and copy it by clicking on the button.


  • Multiple data input options
  • Separate sections to insert data
  • Single tap extraction


  • Downloading unavailability
  • Slow processing
  • Remove formatting

Final Wrapping

The above list has been assembled after comprehensive research on these tools. You should pick any of them and start using them to get text in document format. But we recommend you to use any tool from the top 3 list because they will enable you to get data from multiple images at a time too.

If you like to learn how to further work with your text once it is extracted, check out our tips for a grid layout.

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