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13 Must-Have Figma Plugins to Improve Your Designs and Workflow

Figma – hands down is one of the best design softwares supporting team-based collaborative design projects. This interface design application, which runs straight on the browser, always maintains an online nature allowing all team members to work on the same design project in real-time. 

With the exception of being a leading software for real-time collaborative design projects, Figma is also known as one of the greatest design softwares for creating interactive prototypes, wireframing websites, designing mobile app interfaces as well as various graphics. However, when aiming to step onto an advanced design level, as well as to boost your workflow, it’s worth considering adding some plugins to your Figma platform. 

Therefore, in this article, we list plugins that add more functionality to your Figma tool, as well as we name the best plugins for Figma to run user & usability testing on your design projects. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into them: 

1. Wireframe 

Wireframe Figma Plugin

Wireframe Figma plugin provides all skill-level designers with a wireframe graphics library that has more than 350 custom-built graphics/cards to use, which come with a great variety of web and mobile elements. It’s an easy-to-use plugin, with no specific skills and resources required. So, whether you need a wireframe prototype to create a project, or simply to brainstorm some ideas – Wireframe is a great tool to do both!

Picing: free

To get the plugin and install it, press here. 

2. Color Palettes 

Color Palettes Figma Plugin

This plugin allows you to easily find the color you need, among a huge list of color palettes. Just enter the color code, palette number or color name, copy and apply it to your design making it look as you wanted.

Pricing: free both for personal and commercial use. 

To get the plugin and install it, press here. 

3. Illustration 

Illustration Figma Plugin

Looking to insert some already made illustrations into your design? Look no further, and install Illustration plugin to your Figma platform. This plugin provides creators with popular illustration libraries that in total have more than 250 high-quality illustrations. All the illustrations are free and used under a creative commons license. So, pick the illustration you need, and just with a one-click drag and drop to add it on Figma. 

Pricing: free

To get the plugin and install it, press here. 

4. Figmotion

What about some animations to make your design more interactive? Figmotions is an animation tool that is perfectly adaptable with Figma as a plugin. Using Figmotion is super easy and convenient – there’s no need to use other motion platforms like Principle, Haiku, Motions, or After Effects. Create amazing animated designs without exiting the platform – get it done with Figmotion on Figma. 

Pricing: free

To get the plugin and install, press here. 

5. Unsplash

Unsplash Figma Plugin

Unspash is a free stock photography platform for both personal and commercial use. The Unsplash plugin for Figma makes it really easy and fast to insert an image onto the design project. Having more than one million all kinds of images, Unsplash is a great tool for creatives to find what they need to make their projects look stunning. 

Pricing: free under the Unsplash Licence 

To get the plugin and install, press here. 

6. Content Reel

Content Reel Figma Plugin

This plugin lets you generate custom content, pulling text strings, icons, avatars, and images from one palette. Create your own content or browse to find published collections for your design use and upscale your work with Content Reel plugin for Figma.

Pricing: free under the Unsplash Licence 

To get the plugin and install, press here. 

7. Color Contrast Checker

Color Contrast Checker Figma Plugin

Sometimes we are sure the text is well readable on the design, however, this isn’t always the case. Make sure that the text is clear for users and meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) by adding the Color Contrast Checker plugin to Figma. This tool carefully checks the color contrast ratio of visible text and notifies if it meets WCAG’s compliance. It also has color sliders to adjust the colors.

Pricing: free 

To get the plugin and install, press here. 

8. Iconfy

Iconfy Figma plugin

Whether you use emojis and icons often, or just occasionally, Iconfy plugin is very handy to have on your Figma account. More than 100 icon sets containing over 100,000 icons are free to use for your design. Easily find the ones you need, and add them as vector shapes. 

Pricing: free 

To get the plugin and install, press here. 

User & Usability testing plugins for Figma 

Adding all the plugins mentioned above is great – it helps to polish your design as well as to fasten the designing process, but what about making sure about your design usability for users? In order to maximize the efficiency of your design project, as well as to boost your workflow, it’s important to run user & usability testing. Therefore in this list of must-have Figma plugins, we added 5 more plugins that will help you to ensure you are developing the best version of your design product. 

1. Userbrain

Userbrain Figma Plugin

Userbrain is a go-to remote user testing tool that is perfectly compatible with Figma. It provides detailed findings of users’ experience in just a few simple steps. Unbiased feedback received from testers will help you make the right design changes accordingly.

Pricing: subscription prices start from $69/month. 

To learn more, press here. 

2. Preely

Preely Figma Plugin

Preely plugin for Figma completes the prototyping experience by giving access to test your design and to get valuable results to improve your work. This plugin provides you with direct access to the Preely testing platform and in-depth analytics. Just install the plugin, connect your Figma prototype with Preely, select the frame you want to test, and export them. Get fast learnings about your users’ experience and make the right design changes.  

Pricing: subscription prices start from $46/month (free option available)  

To learn more, press here. 

3. Attention Insight

Attention Insight is a visual attention prediction algorithm that uses artificial intelligence and heatmaps to test product design usability. This plugin is based on simulating a human’s vision and this allows clients to see their products through potential user’s eyes with 94% accuracy.

This tool provides feedback with no need for direct user engagement nor data collection, and seamlessly integrates with Figma giving test results in seconds. 

Pricing: subscription prices start from $23/month  

To learn more, press here. 

4. Stark

Stark Figma Plugin

Stark is a suite of integrated tools, which helps to easily design products with accessibility in mind. Stark plugin is best known for its remarkable function for color contrast checking and is easily compatible with Figma design platform. 

Pricing: subscription prices start from $6/month (free option available)

To learn more, press here. 

5. Useberry

Useberry Figma Plugin

Useberry enables UI/UX designers, product teams & marketers to get user’s rich feedback and actionable insights in minutes. This testing process easily integrates into Figma allowing to design better, faster, and more efficiently with user testing feedback and insights right on the Figma platform. 

Pricing: subscription prices start from $39/month 

To learn more, press here.



UXtweak is an awesome UX platform that provides an all-in-one solution for usability testing, information architecture, and user behavior analytics. Its excellent prototype testing feature allows you to quickly identify all of the flaws in your Figma prototypes. Without having to upload any large files, you may build up a whole Prototype Testing research in minutes. All you need is a link to your Figma prototype. It’s a user-friendly and simple-to-use platform with everything you’ll ever need for a great user experience.
Pricing: free Starter plan or Professional plan starting at 99€/month
To learn more, press here


Figma is a great design platform, but what makes it even better – it’s adding some amazing plugins. 

We hope you find these plugins useful and enjoy using them. We are excited to see and try out new ones that are being created in the future!

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