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10 Top Most UX Design Trends In 2022

Imagine you have five minutes and have to pick a business magazine from a book store. You will try to find an attractive yet informative magazine with easily understandable content. This is exactly what we call a user experience. 

If users are satisfied in all aspects, your designs are successful.

Today, the trends are shifting from knowledge to presentation. No matter how well your website serves the information but, if it does not seem to look presentable, it lacks the user experience.

If we focus on website appeal and website navigation, the look and feel of any website create a great impact on the user’s first impression. As per the studies, 94% of first impressions are related to design. 

As a result, the UX designs have abruptly increased the graph of new trends and worldwide innovations. This will increase by $9.8 billion by 2022. 

Let us take a quick look at the top 10 UX design trends that will rule in 2022.

10 Top Most UX designs to Trend in 2022

1. 3D elements

3D elements or graphics are nothing new in UX designs. Undoubtedly, the use of 3D elements will become even more popular in the upcoming year.

In 2022, the designers will try to innovate instant display content of the sites in the form of 3D graphical additions. In this way, the contents will be presented uniquely in an attractive form. Up till now, the developers have been using oversized monotonous 3D graphics that create a huge impact on launching and loading the website pages. 

Looking at the upcoming improvements, small frameworks are going to trend that can reduce the loading time of the sites. 

ux design trends

2. Dark mode

Nowadays, whether it is studies or office work, mobiles and technologies are in high demand. With the increasing usability of mobile phones and computers, the eyes are badly affected. 

So there is always a remedy for a risk. The dark mode is nothing new in the design industry. But still, many applications lack this feature. They appear quite cool and distinctive to the users. This is one of the most accepting trends as the user gets the facility to switch between light mode and a high contrast dark mode. 

ux design trends
Image Source: https://dribbble.com/

The dark mode is easier for the eyes when there is low light or at night. This feature also prevents the battery from draining. In the upcoming year, they will not be limited to only black but can be found in all kinds of deeper colors.

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3. Mobile-friendliness

Mobiles are the most used device all over the world. People can skip the meal but can’t skip the moment to scroll down the contents. As per research, iOS and Android users usually spend an average of three hours and fifteen minutes a day, while Android users spend more than four and a half hours a day on their phones.

Compared to computers, mobile promotes products and services more quickly, especially through mobile apps, and these mobile apps statistics are testimony to it.

So, if your website lacks the performance on mobiles, you definitely need to fix it, or you may extensively lose the audience. Searching and working remotely is the only lifelong trend that is immensely growing.

Image Source: https://gillde.com/ui-design-of-the-week-3/

4. Personalised Algorithm

The main purpose of any website or mobile application is to gain CPC i.e., Cost per Click, and improve conversion rates. But for that, you have to understand the particular interest of the audience. 

For instance, you are offering an e-commerce website and recommending teenagers new trending fashion wears. This helps you understand the taste of your visitors and promote exactly what they are looking for. 

However, to inspect the information gathering from all directions is hard to attract potential attention and bring their focus on a product you promote. So for that, an effective tool of the modern decade i.e., personalised algorithm has gained the limelight.

Personalised algorithms benefit the software to decide what exactly your customers are interested in. This framework also allows the developers to create, assemble, integrate, and line up the machine learning models to deliver relevant customised recommendations to customers worldwide.

What is more, algorithm can show you how much user attention a specific object gets. Attention Insight is one of AI-powered design analytics tools where algorithm uses warm-to-cold colours to display which areas get more attention, by instantly creating AI heatmaps with the most eye-catching parts of your design. 

5. Animations and Motion Graphics

Visuals create a stronger impact on the human brain than text readings. You only have 0.05 seconds to form a visual impression on your user’s mind. 

With increasing creativity in the UX designs, the companies have started adapting comic animations or motion graphics to bile up the interest of users. Many startups and businesses use this framework to represent themselves easily. 

Small size animations will reduce the page load and improve the speed when users interact with it.

To understand this particular, refer to Motion Graphic Example.

6. Neomorphism

Neumorphism, which is also known as neomorphism, is a simply trending design. This term has recently gotten a good amount of attention from the developers. It uses solid colours and contrast blending.

Neomorphism brings a lively feel to the interface and helps to stand out in the market. It combines both the aspects of skeuomorphism and flat design which makes the framework more innovative.

7. Simple yet Innovative

Sometimes to improve our site, we overdo the creativity. Another most effective trend of UX design that will surely work in 2022 is simplicity.  

No matter how well you design and improve the website, if the elements are not balanced properly, your website won’t function effectively. 

ux design trends

Simplicity helps you to simplify the process of user interaction with your site. In the top UX design 2022, people are likely to follow the trend of minimalism and simplicity.

8. The Voice User Interface

Voice user interfaces are now widely used on search results. As per research, 65% of users around 25-49 years of age speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once a day.

According to the analytical data, if a user wants to search for information through google on smartphones or computers, they prefer voice assistants. Here, the contact of the voice assistant can be easily done by just saying its Name and a Key request.

ux design trends
Image Source: https://medium.com/@khriziakamille/written-as-an-assignment-for-designlabs-ux-academy-this-article-is-a-speculative-look-at-where-ccc723973889

9. AR – Augmented Reality and VR – Virtual Reality

This feature saves time and effort in the long term. Here, instead of picking the gadget and typing the details, you can also have a special station with a voice assistant in your room to control it from anywhere.

AR and VR are generally known for gaming purposes. But, in 2022, the story will be completely different. Through its new innovative 3D modelling, it is going to be more than just a trend.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the businesses are creating huge opportunities for the remote working trend. For instance, IKEA has launched a new AR application. This application allows the users to test IKEA’s products in real-time through Apple iOS 11 ARKit technology. Furthermore, they can search over 2,000 online products to make better selections.

ux design trends

Here, the client gets clarity and helps to make the decision process easy. In 2022, the developers are likely to shift from an engaging plot and enhanced physics in the game to a natural and transparent UX design.

10. Unusual Fonts and Designs

Writings and illustrations are other steps in UX design evolution. Unusual fonts and demonstrating the illustration beautifies the websites and gives them a creative look. 

People usually remember unusual things. To make your business iconic, make your text comprehensive and easy to read. There are many companies like you who offer the same service. So, to gain the user’s attention, target the interest in your initial seconds of interaction. Show the messages they are looking for.  

In the upcoming year, creativity will win the market. You have to establish your marketing strategies in a few words. Promotional slogans and selling content will decide the conversion rates.

The Final Knock:

The main purpose of every business industry is to improve the user experience. UX designs are the most trending elements to make the company more presentable. In 2022, only smart cards will win the market. Your ability to promote the voice of your services will help you to stand out steadily in this wide competition. 

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